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  1. ethiopiawi says

    EPDRF please listen and act soon on Ben’s comment. It is undeniable you did a huge progress in the country, some times it is hard to imagine. However, you can not hold power forever . Give a chance to the opposition party.( NOT G 7 PLEASE)
    Ben you are great!!. Keep up with your good report.
    God Bless You.

  2. Faithful says

    The truth shall give us justice. Let’s say that if EPRDF continues to rule the way it does till their time is up, they will never be remember as a party that brought freedom and justice to Ethiopia in the history books. They will be remembered as the party of NO! The party that didn’t want to listen to the people and that said no to reform, and didn’t want to change for the better.

    I refuse to believe that all those souls lost in the battle fields fought for EPRDF to be a mediocre African party. A kind of party that wants to rule by oppressing those who happen to have different ideas.

  3. Maritu Kebede says

    Hi Ben, congratulation on the good work you always perform. I thought I would right my comment on “Human Rights Watch” because I know many Ethiopians visit your page. Where are the so called Human Rights Watch when immigration officers pull out an documented lady who was in a hospital with “brain cancer/tumar” who was pulled out of the hospital and was put in a detention center. Is Human Rights working only in Africa and particularly in Ethiopia. Are they not in the USA too, I thought they said, they are every where in the word to protect Human Rights. Is the USA out of this world for them. This is a good example to show their shame and lies. To me they are with out moral and are worthless. They should shut their big mouth and hide themselves for their shameful doing. Thanks again Ben!

  4. Zee says

    Congratulations Ben on the enhancement you and your staff have made to the website. I almost all the time agree on your view points you raise. I have no idea why some people perceive you that your view is inclined to EPRDF’s ideology. For me, your point of view is centered on factors that can transform Ethiopia to a better place. Please keep it up your insights on a weekly basis as you promised. I always admire the love you for our country and all our people

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