Dr. Workneh meets with Canadian delegation

(FBC) – Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu yesterday met with a Canadian delegation led by Ian Shugert, Deputy Minister of Global Affairs of Canada.

Dr. Workneh underlined that Ethiopia and Canada have a long period of diplomatic relationship and a strong level of cooperation on development programs.

He said the government of Ethiopia is keen to further strengthen the engagements in the economic sector and other priority areas of interest for both countries.

Briefing the delegation on the challenges facing the Horn of Africa region, he said the current drought and ongoing conflicts in the region have caused a surge in the number of refugees coming to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, he said has an open-door policy for refugees and is a home to hundreds of thousands of refugees from neighboring countries.

He also noted Ethiopia’s leading role in the maintenance of peace and security in the region, and the country’s principled commitment to work more closely with neighboring countries through the sub-regional organization, IGAD.

Canada’s Deputy Minister of Global Affairs, Ian Shugert commended Ethiopia for its key role in the promotion of regional peace and stability; and as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and added, Ethiopia should use the platform to further build on its efforts to deal with the peace and security challenges in the sub-region.

While noting that Ethiopia’s economic development is far more visible, he said Canada is ready to support Ethiopia’s development endeavors, especially on areas of vocational training and education for the youth.

Dr. Workneh welcomed the Canadian initiative, and as Ethiopia has a large number of young population, he said, it remains imperative to educate the youth and ensure sustainable development in the country.

Dr. Workneh added, Ethiopia, with its major infrastructure development, offers tremendous opportunities for trade and investment, which he said is open for any potential investor from Canada.

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