Former “Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7” fighter abandoned Eritrea

  1. Samuel Estefanous says

    Right…I am glad you aren’t demonizing these disoriented fellas. Empathy wins hearts. That was the ultimate winning weapon EPRDF played to march to the heartland of the Nation a quarter of a century ago. Trust me, rifle may win a battle but it never wins a war. Ideas do. With love you can break in to a veritable catacomb and make a spectacular come back, the way Miss Sisay here did. If you really want to know the truth, these folks are desperate honest folks pushed to the brink and against a solid wall- literally dumped in to Eritrean wasteland by state functionaries. Never demonize the Nation’s prodigal kids. Never give up on ’em. Never leave ’em stranded in the desert. Never abandon your own kind. This should indeed be a search and rescue mission, not a search and apprehend one.
    Listen, I never heard of this site… I kinda strayed here courtesy of a Tigrai on Line link, but looks like I am little disappointed. I believe you are doing a good job. You keep it up now. God Bless!

  2. June E. Porter says

    It is amazing what little Americans, especially Black Americans, know about what is happening in Africa. Being unable to speak or understand other languages, especially the many African languages divide and isolate.

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